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East End Garage, 614 E. Archer, is another Williams business.

Williams Building, 102 N. Greenwood.

William's Dreamland Theater, 127 N. Greenwood, was a center for life and a symbol of affluence and success in pre-riot Greenwood.

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Taken from the south side of Archer, this photo shows the reconstruction much further along. The Williams Building on the left has been rebuilt on the ruins of the old, while on the right the three-story Byers building has replaced the destroyed…

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Taken from the south side of Archer, the Williams and Woods buildings are still in ruins, but further north up the street, buildings have begun to be rebuilt.

This picture shows the northwest corner of the corner of Greenwood and Archer, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Taken some time before the riot, the building is the Williams Building. The photo is a very poor quality reproduction from a microfilmed copy of the…
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