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The Thomas R. Gentry house. 537 N Detroit Ave. The associated text reads: "The above residence of Tulsa, and the owner is a successful Real Estate Agent, and business man. Through Mr. Gentry, a great number of our homes have been secures in this…

Onlookers examining the burning of 511 N. Detroit Ave. (A.J. Smitherman) and 507 N. Detroit Ave. (R. T. Bridgewater). This photo is reproduced from a very poor quality microfilmed image.

Looking east from Detroit Ave over destroyed neighborhoods towards the Tulsa Pressed Brick Company, Booker T. Washington high school is on the right in front of the brick company. The Chicago Defender article says that the three posts were Dr…

The article in the Chicago Defender identifies this as Dr. Thompson's house at 521 N. Detroit. The photo is a very poor quality reproduction from a microfilmed copy of the Chicago Defender.
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