Mrs. Callie Rogers...


Mrs. Callie Rogers...


"Mrs Callie Rodgers, who owned one-half block of valuable property. She was forced to leave her home and take an insane daughter to safety, leaving a helpless sick daughter behind. There she was found by the burners. They took her out and placed her in a chair, from which she watched them burn the little home, not leaving her a pillow or bed to rest on. She was later rescued by the Red Cross workers and taken to a place of safety. Before the disaster, this little family was independent. Today they are subjects of charity."

Callie Rogers and her family lived at 608 E. Eastor Street.


Unknown photographer


Mary E. Jones Parrish. Events of the Tulsa Disaster. Privately published. 1922.


c. 1922


This item was published in the Events of the Tulsa Disaster in 1922, and is therefore in the Public Domain.


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