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G. A. Gregg, Executive Secretary, Hunton Branch, Y. M. C. A., Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Taken from the south side of Archer, the Williams and Woods buildings are still in ruins, but further north up the street, buildings have begun to be rebuilt.

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Taken from the south side of Archer, this photo shows the reconstruction much further along. The Williams Building on the left has been rebuilt on the ruins of the old, while on the right the three-story Byers building has replaced the destroyed…

This image is shown twice - first, in the reversed image as it was actually published in the Tulsa Tribune, and in the correct aspect. The remains of the Stradford hotel are on the right, and the tracks heading up Greenwood Avenue.

Taken during the looting.

An advertisement fro the the Tulsa Star for a taxi company.

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Maurice Willows operated the Red Cross hospital after the riot at 324 N. Hartford Street.

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