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Taken from the south side of Archer, this photo shows the reconstruction much further along. The Williams Building on the left has been rebuilt on the ruins of the old, while on the right the three-story Byers building has replaced the destroyed…

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Taken from the southeast corner of the roof of Booker T. Washington High School, this panorama shows much of the damage within a day or so of the riot and the burning. The road running laterally through the center of the image is Greenwood Avenue,…

A photographic portrait of Mary E. Jones Parrish. Mrs. Parrish ran a typewriting school in the Woods Building. After the "disaster", as she calls it, she began to gather together photos and first hand accounts, and published them in 1922.

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G. A. Gregg, Executive Secretary, Hunton Branch, Y. M. C. A., Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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