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The Tulsa Star was a newspaper, one of the 2 African- American owned and run papers in Tulsa at the time of the riot. It moved to Tulsa with its publisher A. J. Smitherman, from Muskogee, where it had been the Muskogee Star. During the riot and the aftermath, Smtiherman and the Star was blamed for much of the riot, because of his editorial policies. Smitherman fled to Buffalo, NY to escape prosecution for inciting the riot, and the Star was destroyed.

The charges against A. J. Smitherman were dismissed by the city of Tulsa in December 2007.

Because the Star was destroyed (and according to folklore the press and type helped to establish the Oklahoma Eagle newspaper), the photos in this collection are all from pre-riot Greenwood.

The other paper, the Oklahoma Sun was also destroyed in the riot.


I. Marc Carlson

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A. M. E. Church
The caption reads: "The A. M. E. Church, where the State Teachers Association will meet next Thursday, Friday and Saturday."

[Home of Mr. and Mrs French C. Smith]
This image depicts the two story wood frame building owned by Mr. and Mrs French C. Smith, at 511 East Archer St. According to the text of the article, this house stands on the first piece of property purchased by an African American in the East…

[Residence of H.T.  Wilson]
This is a photo of the residence of H.T. Wilson, early Tulsa entrepreneur. At the time of the photo, house was leased to another party, as Mr Wilson and his wife were running a hotel and restaurant at 120 E. Archer.

[Home of Deputy Sheriff Barney S. Cleaver]
The home of Deputy Sheriff Barney S. Cleaver, at 508 N. Greenwood Ave.

[Home of Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Pyrtle]
The home of Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Pyrtle on North Franklin.

Williams Confectionary
A photo of the Williams Building at the western corner of Archer and Greenwood. It housed, among other business, the Williams Confectionery. This building is highly unusual in that much of the western wall still stands and forms part of the modern…

[An early sketch of Mount Zion Baptist Church]
A sketch of Mount Zion Baptist Church, then under construction.

Interestingly, the caption describes Easton St as Easter St.

The Visitors to the State Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical...
A Panoramic photo taken in front of Williams Dreamland Theatre. The caption reads: "The Visitors to the State Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical which met in Tulsa last week will not soon forget the generous hospitality extended to them by the…
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