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Photographs that were published in the June 1921 <em>Chicago Defender</em>


I. Marc Carlson

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View of the riot district.
View of the riot district taken from the roof of Booker T. Washington High School. The ruins of Dunbar Elementary School is center, with the smoldering ruins of the brick buildings at Greenwood and Archer on your upper right. Upper left is the ABC…

A House
The article in the Chicago Defender identifies this as Dr. Thompson's house at 521 N. Detroit. The photo is a very poor quality reproduction from a microfilmed copy of the Chicago Defender.

The Williams Building, Greenwood and Archer, before the riot.
This picture shows the northwest corner of the corner of Greenwood and Archer, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Taken some time before the riot, the building is the Williams Building. The photo is a very poor quality reproduction from a microfilmed copy of the…

East side of Greenwood from Archer, shortly after the burning
This image depicts the east side of Greenwood Ave. Details are sufficient to indicate that this is fairly early after the burning, likely the evening of 1 June. The blurred figures show a lengthy shutter speed was used, suggesting a low ambient…

Looking east from Detroit Ave over destroyed neighborhoods towards the Tulsa Pressed Brick Company, Booker T. Washington high school is on the right in front of the brick company. The Chicago Defender article says that the three posts were Dr…
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